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Eh… I’m just joining random giveways haha 😛


Thoughts on Blogs

I just feel like making critiques and such. Don’t ask why. I guess since I’ve been “blogging” for a while.

First of all, I think the best blog out of all of these is probably Eli’s blog. Anyone can enjoy humor and randomness. She has a great sense of humor and a talented artistic side. I find it sort of surprising she does have as many hits and followers as some, but those aren’t the most important things about blogging.

Many people may not find Pandaren’s blog as appealing as others at first glance (what I mean is not as many hits and followers), but she has very nice writing skills, which she uses in all of her posts. Ren herself, I think, is also a very good friend, if you’re friends with her.

Princess Moo Moo’s blog is a very good guide for people who play Fantage. It is probably really the best Fantage blog. However, as I don’t really do that anymore, her blog isn’t really that appealing to me.

Tarah has very nice editing skills. I like the style of her blog, and how she doesn’t just type up some posts; sometimes she uses a different font and some pictures and posts it on her blog as a picture. Go to her blog if you don’t know what I mean. At first, when I came to blogging, there was the aftermath of the “An An Liyala Posing” thing, so I thought she was like they said, maybe, but now, I have come to realize she’s actually pretty nice and honest.

Pink has a nice blog name, and her blog design looks nice. Her drawing and writing skills are between average and pro, in my opinion. I think she takes copying and things that cause “drama” a bit too seriously.

I don’t really know Cstar that well, but she has pretty decent art skills and very nice pixeling skills. She seems nice and creative. Her designing skills are very nice.

I don’t really view all the blogs that I follow (don’t have that much time, sorry :(); if you would like a review, you can comment.


…What should I say…

I don’t know why I’m posting this (it’s sort of awkward), but I am for some reason.

Anyway, so there’s this boy I’ve known for a while (let’s call him Hayden), and we’re really good friends. My friends (who are girls) are always saying we look cute together, things like that, and I’m always like, “Be quiet.”

So, my friends and I message back and forth a lot, and one of my friends (let’s call her Ashley) messaged me (this was in about March). She told me that she liked Hayden a lot and that I should move aside. I told her that I didn’t like him in that sort of way, and I wouldn’t tell anyone. Then, Ashley asked me if she should ask him out, and I said sure, since she like him. I don’t really get the asking out and all so much, I mean, really, how likely is it you’ll end up with your middle school crush and all? Things like that…

Hayden told her, “Sorry.” Ashley was sort of mad, and she asked me to ask him why he said no. I didn’t really think I should do that, but she asked, so I did it for her. Hayden said, “Because she’s moving.” (Ashley was moving out of state when school ended)

Around May, I don’t know why, but I started to like him in a crush sort of way, but I didn’t tell anyone. We still keep messaging, and then one day, Hayden tells me randomly, “Actually, I never liked Ashley.” So, out of curiosity, I ask him, “Did you used to like someone…?” After a long time, he says, “I liked you.”

I felt really surprised, since, hey, I thought we were still friends. Or at least he still thought so… I didn’t really think he was thinking of anything like that, especially relating to me.

Then, today, we were messaging, and then he just said: hey

Me: yeah?
Hayden: you know the person I used to like?
Hayden: …I still like her now

I didn’t really know what to say, I was just like… omg. He actually likes me. Or at least it seems that way. It just made me really happy. I still am now ^-^


[insert suitable title]

Been away at band camp~ It was residential, at a college with a roommate. Mine was this friend (let’s call her Hannah) I had known for some time.

I only got the audition music 1 day before camp (the teacher said earlier it was something else), so I thought I would die, but I figured out there it was Asian minority, so I got 1st chair. Basically, everyone from my school was Asian, and they all get top chairs in the best band.

It was nice, I guess. I met a new friend 😀 I started talking to her first, big achievement for me.

I just discovered I have a new way to come on. It’s always been open actually, and I never noticed. So smart.

Well, what else can I say? Oh. This is my cousin’s blog: Yeah, Haley. Uh, she started a few days ago. She wants to experiment Blogger first, she says, since most of her friends are all on Google – Gmail, Google+, etc. Yeah. She wanted me to put it here, lol. Do her a favor by +1ing (that looks strange) or following? Thanks ♥


New Look

I updated the blog – changed the name, changed the subtitle. I think it looks better now. I’m going to post about some new things maybe. I mean, if I have time. It looks like maybe I might stay now. I have a new way of getting on.

This is so messed up, I just said I was quitting. But… *sigh* Wordpress just seems like this big vortex. When I’m just about to leave, it pulls me back in.

Anyway, I got rid of unnecessary pages. Which is basically everything except for About. I might add new things, if I post about new things.

I changed the theme to Adelle. I like it, except I wish it were something other than pink on the top… maybe blue or purple…? Maybe whoever made it could have included theme options with other color combinations.

Well, whatever. It’s pretty this way, and it’ll probably help make me happy. Haha.


I think I’m going to leave blogging…
I just can’t do it with all this. I have to share a PC with my siblings, and the PC has annoying settings, like a curfew, time limit, etc. I have no time right now. I can only use my sister’s laptop when she lets me. (She gets her own >.” Let’s see, WordPress, dA, Fantage, Youtube, AOL – ALL BLOCKED. >.<
So I can barely get onto these things, and in the first place, I had so many classes. This summer, I have about 21864987434 camps, swim team EVERYDAY (ok, almost), and more classes.
I just can't do it. What's a blog that's updated every, what, 7 months? And I feel like we've just been left behind, like Ren said. There's so many new people, and it's just like the left us in the dust. No offense to anyone, but my personal favorite blogs are Ren's (You're a very nice friend, and probably the only one who reads my blog. Or wait, this is more like a mess.), Eli's, and maybe Pink's…? No offense, once again. And I really like dA, like Glitters, even if my art sucks.
So I think I'm going to give my dA (I have a new one, xFallingMist, if anyone noticed. Like anyone cares -.-) to my cousin. She lives really close to me; we go to the same school, spend lots of time together, etc. She's one of my few friends now… She's sort of like me, but I'll let her introduce herself on my dA. It might take a while though, since she's busy this summer too. Yeah… Just saying.
I'll miss this community, maybe "come back" once in a while on dA… though it's pretty doubtful. It's been really nice here, and it's really hard to leave. Thank you to all bloggers here that were once my friends, or still are, especially Ren ❤
I'll communicate mainly through my dA, so yeah. Please watch me…? Like, physical watching (pressing the watch button) and looking for when I come back… Might take a few months/weeks though, so please keep watching. I mean, if you still care -_-
But anyway, thank you for reading. Thank you for letting me have this experience.

~Kai (or Sammii. Whatever -u-)